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Ship To Doll Type Courier Company Tracking Status Tracking # Sample
United State Custom SinoDidiExpress DIDUS3050200005YQ
FedEx 274115626915
UPS 1Z803VX70436785656
In-Stock FedEx 274115626915
UPS 1Z803VX70436785656
USPS 9300110923002211352938
Australia Custom UPS 1Z01E9E16713869448
FedEx 272160287397
Others /
In-Stock Direct Freight AU 3434190002401
Allied Express AU AOE7671866N
Toll AU 6980440168399
Hunter Express LLP196023
Europe Custom YunExpress YT2312921272109587
UPS 1Z7235996828284990
In-Stock UPS 1Z30R2X16896126594
GLS 103631101357
DHL CS846052479DE
DPD 13915055934762
Kuehne Nagel OC9165122208050018
Canada Custom UPS 1Z8WY0010421726141
In-Stock FedEx 274796333779
UPS 1ZA632232027817695
United Kingdom Custom CN-EU Truck /
UPS 1Z8WY001DA44655415
In-Stock XDP ZDBDVU000161
Other Countries Custom UPS 1Z8WY001DA44655415
FedEx 272296510906
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