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Today, sex dolls have become one of the more and more popular adult products. You can find many sex doll shops like ours online, most of these sex doll shops offer worldwide shipping and offer sex dolls for every taste, so owning a custom made sex doll is becoming more and more common. But we know there will always be people who aren’t satisfied with the current lifelike sex dolls. Everyone wants to find the perfect custom sex doll, so we’ve developed a range of custom sex doll options dedicated to creating the sex doll of your dreams. But before that, you may have some questions, such as the following.

Who Makes The Best Custom Sex Dolls?
You want to know who is the best custom sex doll seller, right? There is nothing wrong with choosing us! Why are we so confident? Let me tell you, we work with one of the most famous sex doll manufacturers with many experienced master carvers, known as the leader in sex doll technology and the sex doll field. We are capable of producing highly customized dolls with intricate designs, realistic features, and special attributes. Our sex doll customization includes AI options. Exact prices will depend on specs but are usually in the thousands of dollars. If you are looking for the most expensive sex dolls, ai custom sex dolls are definitely your best choice.

Are You Selling Cheap Sex Dolls? Will You Focus On High-end Custom Sex Dolls?
We offer low-priced sex dolls so that everyone can buy their own partner, but that doesn’t mean we don’t specialize in high-end custom sex dolls. For as long as you need it, we are willing to provide you with the most gorgeous and realistic sex dolls in custom design and manufacture. Each boutique custom figure will use high-quality materials and exquisite construction to achieve extremely realistic results.

How Much Are Sex Dolls?
It depends on how intricate you want your custom sex doll to be. Everyone’s inspiration and fantasy fulfillment is different, but we can bring the sex doll of your dreams to life with an extremely unique, professional, and intricate bespoke creation. Different from traditional customized sex dolls, customized sex dolls are personalized, and you have a higher degree of participation, starting from the head of the customized doll, you can feel the charm of personalized experience customization, we will continue to discuss each production The details are detailed with you. As for the amount, we are always considerate, and we will give you a reasonable quotation according to your requirements. The typical price on the sex doll market for this is between $5,000 and over $30,000, but we may have a better deal.

How To Make A Custom Sex Doll?
Making a sex doll is like designing and creating the perfect sex partner. However, making your own dolls is not easy, we generally start with the custom sex doll head, then use the basic doll body as a template, then use filler (such as platinum-grade silicone or TPE) materials to bring your fantasy to life, giving it shape, volume, and texture.

custom sex dolls head pic-1

Once the doll has a face that you find attractive, we will build her a most matching and exciting body to complete the look, and if you want a gay sex doll then you can customize the dildo. Beyond that, alluring features like big eyes, full lips, or a specific hairstyle have to be presented in perfect proportions on the doll, which is what custom made sex dolls are all about.

To make the doll feel more human and sexy, we usually fill her breasts with filler (allowing you to shape and shape the body however you want), just tell us what you want. If it’s a higher-quality premium sex doll, it will need extra padding to add bulk.

For more realistic dolls, we usually use silicone skin or platinum-grade TPE material to make. Non-toxic and free of any irritating odors, we meticulously craft every body detail to eliminate any air bubbles created to provide a seamless transition from filler to skin. Silicone skins are ideal in the vast majority of cases, but cost more, so the material commonly used by our customers is platinum-grade TPE.

Homemade sex dolls are much more than custom-made claw machines. Most of the time we need to do some enhancements and modify details to make them more human. Such as pubic hair, nipples, areolas, nails, teeth, and any other details depending on the overall style of the doll. These additions help bring custom dolls to life and make them even more exciting and dreamy.

Beyond that, any visible signs of stitches or seams should be sanded away, and depending on how the custom doll looks, we’ll need to touch up those areas with makeup, hair extensions, tanning, or other illusion-enhancing products to make her look It looks more like a perfect work of art.

How To Get A Custom Sex Doll?
Now, you just need to submit your requirements to us, send us the picture of the sex doll you want to build, and we will discuss the specific building details with you. We believe that our expertise, patience, and persistence can create a realistic and exciting partner to stimulate your sex life. You just need to take the time to explore the different options, choosing eye-catching features and enhancing details to suit your own taste and preferences.

If you need a glamorous wardrobe and any other cosplay accessories to set the right vibe. Choose sexy lingerie, high heels, jewelry, wigs, etc., to bring different experiences and scene effects. If you want to show off your new buddy, consider a display stand. Build your own sex doll, start here and the end result will be a totally charming doll you’ll find by your side.

The above are the factors for you to consider whether to customize. if you don’t want to spend time waiting for a beautiful private custom sex doll, we also have other custom dolls for you to choose from, or if you want to receive the available sex doll faster, depending on the region, you can choose our stock in sex dolls. If you have further questions, please let us know via live chat! We will be happy to provide further details or advice. If you have no other questions, please submit your needs here, and look forward to your patronage.

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