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Get Rid of Your Old Pleasure Doll With These 10 Tips

When it comes to intimate relationships, some people opt for synthetic partners, commonly known as sex dolls. While these realistic dolls can offer a unique form of companionship, there may come a time when owners decide it’s time to part ways. Whether due to personal reasons or a desire for an upgrade, disposing of an old love doll can be challenging. This article discusses ten practical ways to dispose of your old love doll.

1. Consider Recycling

Believe it or not, you can recycle some components of your sex dolls. Materials like silicone and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), commonly used in love dolls, are recyclable. Check with local recycling facilities to see if they accept these materials before disposing of your doll. If so, you can dismantle it and send the parts to be recycled, reducing the environmental impact of disposal.

2. Discreet Disposal Services

For those who prefer a more discreet approach, there are specialized disposal services that cater to sex doll owners. These services dispose of your doll responsibly and privately. Contact companies that provide this service online to learn about their ethical and discreet disposal practices.

3. Donate to Artistic Projects

Believe it or not, some artists use old love dolls as unique mediums for their projects. These projects may include sculptures, installations, or other forms of artistic expression. If you’re comfortable with the idea, consider donating your old love doll to a local artist or art studio. It gives your doll a second life as a piece of art.

4. Sell Online

Sell your love doll online on adult-approved platforms if it’s still in good condition. Many people may be looking for affordable options, and you could recoup some of your initial investment. Be transparent about the doll’s condition and history to ensure a fair and ethical transaction.

5. Reach Out to Manufacturers

Some manufacturers offer take-back programs for their products. Contact the company where you purchased the love doll and inquire about their policies for disposing of old models. They may have rules for returning or disposing of the doll responsibly.

6. Contact Adult Stores

Local adult stores that sell sex dolls may have insights or recommendations on how to dispose of them properly. Some stores offer disposal services or know of organizations that responsibly dispose of intimate products. Call or visit to gather information.

7. Local Waste Disposal Facilities

Check with your local waste disposal facility to understand their policies on disposing of sex dolls. Some facilities may have specific guidelines for handling these items, and following their recommendations ensures responsible disposal. Be sure to ask about any privacy measures they have in place.

8. Dismantle and Dispose

If you’re comfortable doing so, dismantle the love doll before disposal. This can make it easier for recyclers to handle the materials. To avoid injury, follow manufacturer safety instructions.

9. Become Familiar With Local Laws

Before taking any action, educate yourself on local laws regarding the disposal of adult products. Some areas may have specific regulations on how to handle intimate items. Violating these regulations could result in legal consequences. Knowledge of the law ensures a smooth and trouble-free disposal process.

10. Seek Guidance From Online Communities

Online forums and communities dedicated to sex doll enthusiasts can be valuable resources for information on responsible disposal. Engage with these communities to learn from the experiences of others who have faced similar situations. They may provide valuable insights and recommendations based on their own disposal journeys.


While disposing of an old love doll may seem challenging, there are practical and responsible ways to go about it. Whether through recycling, discreet disposal services, artistic donations, or other methods, these tips aim to help sex doll owners navigate the process with ease. Ultimately, the goal is to dispose of the sex doll in an environmentally friendly and private manner.

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