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Sex Doll Photography — How to Take Pictures With a Sex Doll

Sex Doll Photography — How to Take Pictures With a Sex Doll

If someone tells you they only use a sex doll for photography, you probably won’t believe them. After all, who can resist not to have sex with a hot pleasure god or goddess, right? However, some owners use their beauties to have sex and take gorgeous pictures, too—and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Sex doll photography has become a hobby and passion, and sometimes, their way to make a living (hello, sex doll influencers!). Taking pictures of their cherished synthetic companions paves the way to using owners’ creative minds and showing their love for their beloved dolls. 

If you’re one of those owners who want to snap some shots of your synthetic girlfriend—or boyfriend, you’re in the right place! This blog will give you sex doll photography tips to capture your precious companion’s best features and beauty.

1. The Distance and the Background

If you want to make your sex doll stand out, put some distance between your model and the background. For example, placing her on furniture beside a vibrant wall with pictures or murals will make her look like a prop rather than the subject. 

Place your love doll a bit further away from its backdrop to ensure this won’t happen. This way, your sex doll becomes the center of attention rather than just a prop.

You might say, “Well, this sex doll photography tip would be easy to follow if I take snapshots in a big professional photography studio. The problem is, I don’t have one, and my only studio is my small living room.”

Don’t worry; there’s still a solution for your tight space. A green screen should do the trick to create a background that isn’t there. Place it behind the furniture and digitally put the backdrop over the screen. It may be tricky and challenging, but it’s all worth it.

2. Use Timer Shots and Tripod

Do you want to take some snapshots with your sex doll? Unless you have someone who can take pictures of you and your synthetic lover together, you’ll need to set the timer on your camera. You’ll also need a tripod to elevate and secure the camera.

However, don’t buy a two to three feet tall consumer-grade tripod. Buy a commercial-quality tripod that can be adjusted up to five feet. This height is perfect for capturing your sex doll, whether standing or sitting.

To do this, simply set the camera’s position of the camera to face the furniture and your love doll at the right angle. Turn the timer on for a minute and strike a pose with your alluring companion. The camera will take shot after shot when the set time has expired.

3. Ensure the Doll Gets Proper Lighting

Whether taking pictures of an animal, a person, or even a sex doll, lighting is essential. Not only does it make the images bright, but it makes the subject shine too!

To do this, ensure your sex doll gets enough lighting, especially if you’re going to take pictures in a dimly lit room. But don’t use standard LED lighting like the ones you have in your living space. Don’t rely on the flashing of the camera, either.

Use commercial-standard lighting, the one used by professional photographers. This will brighten the shot’s foreground and darken the background, making your sex doll stand out.

4. Put Some Racy Apparel on Your Doll

A sex doll is a photographer’s dream because they can dress them up to whatever they want. Heck, they can even capture them bare-naked if they wish to! Should you give your doll some clothing, put on some racy apparel on your silicone model. 

Make your sex doll wear sexy lingerie, a risqué maid outfit, or even a glamorous mini dress. Show your fashion sense and bring your vision to life. Fashion and sex doll photography can be pretty lucrative, but if you dream of becoming one, this is the ideal way to start.

5. Make Your Sex Doll Strike a Pose

Like putting racy clothing on your beloved model, you can pose your doll to whatever you want! Lifesized sex dolls have movable joints, which means you can pose and position them however you desire. You can get them down on all fours or make them stand against the wall and strike a sexy pose. Figure out how you want your silicone model to shine and have fun with different poses.

If you want to make your adult doll look more classy than racy, you can do that too! Cross their legs while sitting on a chair or wrap their arms around you as you take photos together. Think about all the best poses your doll could do in front of the camera. 

6. Take Lots of Photos

If you watched America’s Next Top Model or other reality supermodel contests, photographers would take shot after shot until they reached the limit. That’s because most of the time, the best pictures are taken candidly and accidentally. For instance, the natural lighting and camera angle can significantly impact the image results if the photographs are taken outdoors.

The same goes for taking sex doll photography. While dolls can’t strike a pose on their own as real-life models can, the place’s ambiance can affect the image’s quality and outcome. 

That’s why you need to take lots of pictures. But how can you do it with a sex doll, you may ask? Through digital photography! It lets you take hundreds of images in one sitting relatively quickly. Just set the camera at different intervals. Who knows? You might just capture a splendid shot of your sex doll.

Take Your First Step to Sex Doll Photography

Sex dolls are fun companions for many reasons. Besides giving their owners unwavering love and support and fulfilling their sexual demands, they can be great subjects for photos. They’re not camera conscious and will do anything you want them to do in front of the camera.

If you’re wondering how you can take stunning shots of your doll, well you just learned some sex doll photography tips. Follow the advice mentioned above, and you’ll master the art of sex doll photography in no time.

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