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New to Using a Sex Doll? Here Are 6 Positions to Explore

Congratulations! You’ve just got yourself a sex doll. Now what? Of course, you want to know some ways to use it. We’ll show you six positions you can try with your silicone or TPE partner that will amaze you.

But before we dive in, let’s talk about some things to do before using your sex doll for a more enjoyable experience.

Prep Steps Before Using a Sex Doll

Before banging your sex doll, here are the things you need to do:

Use Good Lube

Using good-quality lubricant is crucial for a more comfortable and enjoyable experience with your sex doll. Like intimate moments with a real partner, lubrication reduces friction, ensuring a smoother and more natural interaction.

Opt for a water-based lube as it is compatible with silicone and TPE materials, ensuring the well-being of your doll. Additionally, ensure the chosen lubricant is free from oils and chemicals, as these substances can harm your doll’s skin.

Use a Condom

Contrary to common misconceptions, using a condom with your sex doll is a wise practice. While she may not transmit sexual diseases or become pregnant, the use of a condom simplifies the post-use cleaning process. It acts as a protective barrier, minimizing the effort required to clean and maintain your doll’s hygiene after an intense session. This simple step contributes to the overall ease of maintenance and ensures a more hygienic playtime experience.

Use Perfume

Elevate the sensory experience by adding a touch of fragrance to your intimate moments with your doll. Applying a subtle spritz of perfume to your doll’s clothing can positively impact the ambiance, enhancing the overall mood of the encounter.

However, exercise caution and avoid direct application on the doll’s skin, as the alcohol content in some perfumes may have adverse effects. By delicately scenting the clothing, you can create a more immersive and enjoyable atmosphere, making your time with your synthetic partner more memorable.

6 Positions to Explore

Here are some six erotic positions you can try with your love doll:


The missionary position is a timeless and straightforward choice, offering an intimate and close connection with your sex doll. Lay your doll on its back, gently part its legs, and relish the proximity for a classic and comforting experience. Enjoy the depth of eye contact and skin-to-skin closeness this traditional position provides.

Bent Over

For those seeking a more adventurous encounter, the bent-over position introduces a standing element to the play. Place your doll near a table or surface, bending it forward to create a unique and exciting experience. This position not only adds variety but also allows for a different angle of penetration, providing a thrilling departure from conventional settings.

Sex Against the Wall

Injecting a dose of excitement into your intimate moments, the sex-against-the-wall position is perfect for those who enjoy a standing encounter. Utilize the corner of a room for support as your doll stands against the wall, opening up opportunities for deep and thrilling penetration. This position spices things up and offers a heightened sense of passion and intensity.

Doggy Style

Embrace your primal instincts with the doggy-style position, where your doll takes an all-fours stance. This position adds a touch of animalistic fervor to your play, allowing for deep penetration and an enticing view. Explore the rhythmic motions and the tactile pleasure of grasping your doll’s hips in this provocative and liberating position.


The cowgirl position is a favorite for those who appreciate a more assertive role for their doll. Although it requires some effort to set up, the visual and sensual rewards are well worth it. Allow your doll to take charge while you lay back on a bed or flat surface, enjoying the captivating view of its movements and the bouncing allure of its breasts.

Game On

Seeking an oral experience? The game on position lets you indulge in a simulated blowjob with your doll lying on its tummy. Create a comfortable space on a bed or couch, bend your doll’s waist and neck, and position yourself underneath. This playful stance allows for an immersive experience, adding a layer of variety and stimulation to your intimate encounters.

Always handle your doll with care to prevent any damage, and most importantly, enjoy your time together, exploring the different dimensions of pleasure and connection.

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