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8 Good and Naughty Things You Can Do With Your Sex Doll

When we think of sex dolls, we imagine sexually active female dolls with big breasts, nice curves, voluptuous behinds, and stunning faces. After all, they are made for pleasure, right?

But if you ask doll owners, you’d be surprised by what they do with them. To give you an idea of the things they do with their love dolls, we will enumerate all the activities they do with them—from the nice stuff to the naughty ones. 

#1 Have a Romantic Date With Your Sex Doll

Let’s start with the sweet gestures first, shall we? The first activity you can try with your sex doll is to date them because…why not? These beautiful inanimate objects look like real humans. They’re designed not only to have sex with you but to accompany and give you support—like real women do with their partners—or even better.

And as their “lover,” you should give them the treatment they deserve. Prepare meals and have a romantic dinner with them at home. If you want to go outside, take them for a picnic and enjoy the view. You can even have a movie night with your doll! It’s up to you how or where you want to treat them.

#2 Take Pictures With Your Sex Doll

Besides taking your sex doll on a romantic date, you can take pictures with your companion! It’s the perfect and creative way to show your love for adult dolls and tell the world they’re more than just sex toys.

Dress them up and apply makeup on their face. You can even change their hairstyle if you want. Give your real doll a makeover and take some snapshots. By doing these things, you’ll appreciate their beauty more than ever.

#3 Draw Your Sex Doll

Do you love drawing? Maybe you’re an art professor who can’t find someone who will get naked in front of your students to be their subject. No worries; a sex doll is the answer!

These humanlike sex toys have well-proportioned bodies. In addition, they’re gorgeous, which makes them easy on the eyes while sketching them. So instead of asking someone to be the subject of your next art class or project, go and grab your erotic doll and make it the star of your work of art!

#4 Snuggle Your Sex Doll

Whether you feel lonely in bed or just cold, sex dolls are your perfect bedroom companion! Not only are they made to look real, they are designed to feel real, too! Their skin is as soft and as warm as humans, making you feel like you’re cuddling a real woman—or man.

Take your sex doll out, put it on your bed, and snuggle it. Be gentle, though, when you hug your doll. Putting too much friction or pressure on your doll can crease its skin.

#5 Bathe With Your Sex Doll

We’re done with the good parts, so let’s get dirty and naughty. Sex dolls should be cleaned after each use or every two weeks when not in use. So why not take this opportunity to bathe with them?

Set the mood in the bathroom by lighting candles and playing music. Then, put your sex doll in the tub and enjoy your bathing. If the atmosphere and the naked body near you turn you on, go ahead and get down and dirty. After all, having sex in the tub is romantic and hot.

#6 Do a Role Play With Your Sex Doll

How many naughty scenarios do you dream about and wish you could do them for real? Once you have the number, count the scenes you’ve already tried. Regardless of the number of fantasy role-plays you’ve tried or wish you could try, there will always be more.

One of the good things about owning a sex doll is that you can make all your erotic fantasies come true. With these lifelike dolls, you can role-play any scenario you like. Furthermore, you can repeat the scene without worrying about your partner’s boredom.

Imagine all your dream scenes you could do in real life! Perhaps you could try something as a hot teacher or student or a sexy nurse. If you don’t want to do the basic scenes, you can re-enact the movies you’ve watched! Be a Christian Grey for the night and turn your doll into an Anastasia Steele. It’s up to you which naughty scenes and scenarios you’d like to do.

#7 Satisfy Your Fetishes With Your Sex Doll

Whether we admit it or not, we all have some fetishes. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the chance to explore them. Either we are afraid of judgment, or our partner is uncomfortable doing our fetishes.

If you have a sex doll, you no longer have to deal with these issues. A love doll will be willing to explore all your fetishes. From a simple foot fetish to BDSM, you can satisfy your fixation cravings without limitations or judgment.

For instance, you can massage your doll’s foot or kiss and lick its sole. If you want to live a BDSM lifestyle like DD/LG (Daddy Dom/Little Girl), you can treat your doll as your Little One. Like living up to your role-play fantasies, fulfilling your fetish desires with a doll is possible and limitless.

#8 Try Out Different Taboo Acts With Your Sex Doll

Regardless of how many partners you’ve slept with or how long you’ve been in a relationship, there are certain sexual positions or acts you’ve always wanted to try but couldn’t. With a sex doll, you can do those things your partner may not want. Whether you want to try anal or get sucked, a love doll will be willing to do it for you.

So who says sex dolls are just for pleasure? This list proves they are not just for sex, as there are other ways you can do with them. However, you can be as naughty as you want with your doll. You’ll have fun being with them regardless of how you treat them.

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